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What are binary options?

what are binary options

Binary options are options on stocks, stock indices, currencies or commodities, with only two possible outcomes: profit or loss. If you are able to predict the direction of the stock price, you earn a fixed return. Binary options come with expirations as low as 60 seconds. Do you want to know more? Please read 'What are binary options'.

The best binary options broker

binary options broker reviews

To trade in binary options successfully, it is important to choose a good broker. BinXC has compared and reviewed several binary option brokers. Find out which broker is the best for you through the binary options broker reviews.

100% bonus for new traders

binary options first deposit bonus

New binary options traders get up to 100% bonus on their first deposit. Binary option brokers are willing to give away a perk to acquire new customers. Read here where you can get the best bonus on your first deposit.

Make money with binary options

successful trader in binary options

If you know how to trade in binary options, you can earn a lot of money. And this is something anyone can learn. Do you want to know how to successfully trade in binary options? In this article, we will explain in a few steps how you, too, can make money with binary options.


Trading in binary options is inherently risky. With binary option trading one can make a lot of money in a short period of time or lose a lot of money. The visitor to this website is deemed to be aware that he can lose his investment completely. Due to the risky nature of this financial product, it is not suitable for everyone. Aspiring traders who are unsure whether binary options trading is suitable for them are advised to solicit the advice of an independent financial consultant.

BinXC, The Binary Exchange, is an informational website about online trading in binary options / digital options / all-or-nothing options. We do our best to give accurate and reliable information, but we do not provide investment advice or financial advice. All decisions made by the visitor based on the contents of this website are at the visitor’s own risk and the sole responsibility of the visitor. Neither BinXC nor its owner(s) and/or associate(s) can be held liable for the outcome of such decisions.

This website is aimed at the Australian and New-Zealand market, and does not accept visitors from the United States of America. Most of the brokers mentioned on this website do not accept U.S. clients. The contents of this website are not valid for the U.S. If you are a U.S. citizen or are in any other way subject to U.S. law, you should not use this website.