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Leren handelen in binaire opties

If you really want to be successful and make a lot of money, then you have to learn about the markets and how to trade. The top traders who earn millions have all learned how to trade binary options. How you can learn this too? By using the sources of information we've collected on this page. Below you find all the resources you need to learn everything about binary options.

Online articles about binary options

As with all topics, the internet is a great source of information for binary options. If you live in Australia, New Zealand, or any other Commonwealth country, you have the good fortune that a lot of training material in English is available on the topic. Some of the best articles you'll find right here on BinXC, The Binary Exchange. Just take a look at out ection with articles about binary options trading. Studying them will help you improve yout trading skills.

Some other educational articles about binary options you can find here:

Binary options books

Because binary options are a relatively new financial product, there are very few books about it. The following books about binary options are recommended.

  • Abe Cofnas: 'Trading Binary Options' (2011). Abe cofnas is probably the leading analyst in the field of binary options at the moment. This book provides an excellent introduction into the theory behind binary options. The book is focussed more on NADEX than on retail trading, which makes it more difficult to apply the information in practice. Still, a helpful resource.
  • Alex Nekritin: Binary Options. Strategies for Directional and Volatility Trading (2012). This book is not cheap and for beginners, the book by Abe Cofnas is a better introduction. But this book from finance expert Alex Nekritin contains state-of-the-art strategies that binary option traders use. For those who really want to trade professionally or become professional traders, this book is definitely worth the investment.

Free e-books about binary options

Although the number of paper books about binary options is still small, there are already several ebooks than can be found on the subject. Some of them are offered to you by a binary options broker, and are all free of charge. You can download the following e-books for free.

Binary options videos and webinars

There are also a number of instructional videos that can be found about trading binary options. You can watch, learn, and immediately put your new skills into practice. Here are some links to good video tutorials:

Some brokers also organize their own binary options webinars. These are a type of online workshops, in which a financial expert talks gives a lecture on an aspect of option trading. Usually you must have a trading account with the broker to participate in a webinar, but it is not required that you also trade actively. The following brokers organize their own webinars.


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you will learn to be a successful trader through experience. You can read everything on paper and study complex calculations, but it is also important that you develop a feel for the market. Experienced traders can often feel and ascertain the movement (rise or fall) of an underlying asset. They can't always say exactly why, but they are usually right in their predictions. This is because they have developed an intuition over years of acting in the market, and they understand the behavior of the market, which they use in their buying and selling decisions.

You cannot gain the experience of an expert trader in one day. But you can learn to be a better trader through a lot of practice. If you learn a new strategy or have an idea about the market, try this in practice. You can create a free demo account with any of the following brokers to hone your skills in practice.

While it's great to practice on a demo account, it is better to try to trade for real, but in small amounts, so you'll learn how to cope with the psychological side of trading. That is something that every trader must learn. The brokers where you can trade binary options with the smallest minimum deposit include:

Become a binary option trader

You too can make money with binary options

Are you already making a profit on the options market? You can earn a lot of money in a short time with binary options. And it is not difficult if you are willing to put in a little effort.

Do you want to take advantage of the opportunities that binary options offer? Then open an account with Binary.com. Broker Binary.com is one of the longest existing option brokers, and is known for its professionalism, excellent software, and reliability (read the review).

Novice traders can also take advantage of the free e-books and webinars on the Binary.com website, which will help you to improve your trading.

Start trading binary options now

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