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You can make your trading in binary options more profitable by using binary options trading signals. Trading signals are expert opinions about when you need to open or close certain positions. (Read more about trading with signals.) Because the detection of good positions require a lot of knowledge, time and effort, signals are typically expensive. A good trading signal service can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. BinXC, however, has negotiated a special deal for you, so you can get daily professional binary options trading signals for free. Do you want to know how? Read on.

Professional trading signals

The signals for which we can offer you free access are developed by Faunus Analytics, a renowned financial analysis, advice and asset management agency. Faunus has been providing market analysis for professional and institutional investors for years.

faunus analytics trading signals

In recent times, Faunus also started a trading signal service for private investors. With this service, you get hourly signals about forex and equities that are currently over or undervalued. This offers a great opportunity to buy a 'lower' or 'higher' option. (An overvalued asset will typically go down while an undervalued asset will go up.) The data you receive with the signals also include information on the strength of the signal. The stronger the signal, the more likely that you will end up 'in the money'.

The option trading signals from Faunus Analytics are priced at GBP 3.99 per day (equivalent to GBP 1,456 per year). They are this expensive because Faunus has a team of ful-time financial experts who develop the signals. Still, thousands of professional traders around the world subscribe to the signals. These traders earn more than the cost of the signals because it allows them to make much more profitable trades.

How to get free access to the signals

Faunus Analytics has entered into an agreement with broker Stockpair, who has a group license on the binary options trading signals. Stockpair in turn makes the signals available to its larger clients. Traders who open an account with Stockpair and make a first deposit of GBP 5,000 or more, get free access to the signals of Faunus Analytics.

BinXC wouldn't be BinXC if we had not negotiated a special deal with Stockpair. We have arranged with Stockpair that if you open an account through us with a minimum first deposit of GBP 1,000 (instead of 5,000), you get the trading signals from Faunus absolutely for free. That saves you more than 1,400 pounds a year! In this way, we hope to make trading signals available to smaller investors.

To get access to the free trading signals you will need to do the following:

  1. Open a trading account with Stockpair through this link.
  2. Make a first deposit of at least GBP 1,000 on your trading account.
  3. Contact the customer support of Stockpair. This can be done by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via the live chat on the website.
  4. Give your user ID to the customer support and request to activate the 'trading indicators feature'. Please include the code binoptiesignals

Once you complete all the steps correctly, you will have access to the option signals of Faunus. You can find them as an added feature in the software of Stockpair, where you also can trade immediately based on the signals


Do you want to know more?

Stockpair logo

Are you not yet familiar with Stockpair? Stockpair is a reliable and professional binary options broker with some unique features. Aside from regular binary options you can trade in pair options, speculating on whether one asset will outperform another. Trading at Stockpair is possible from as little as GBP 200 (but to get the free signals you must first deposit GBP 1,000 or more). Read a full review of Stockpair here.

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