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binaire optie broker reviews

You trade binary options through a binary options broker. There are many different brokers, and it is not always easy to see the differences. That is why we have created this page with reviews of binary options brokers. Using the broker reviews, you can get a better picture of what exactly a broker has to offer, and what its strengths and weaknesses are.

The table below compares the various binary options brokers. Each broker has a brief explanation and a rating between 0-5 stars (0 = very bad; 5 = excellent). You can directly click through to the website of the broker from the table or read a more extensive review of the binary option broker.


The best binary options broker

Broker Review Actions binary options broker
very good is a long established international powerhouse with advanced trading platforms and high returns. This broker is aimed at financial professionals. Read the entire review...
Lees de review en ervaringen met binaire opties broker
Bezoek de website voor meer ervaringen met


Other binary options brokers compared

Broker Review Actions
Binary options broker optionclub
OptionClub is a very simple English broker. The supply and trading opportunities are extremely limited. Read the whole review...
Read the review of OptionClub
Visit the website of OptionClub
Binary options broker optionyard
No rating
We don’t have any rating for the binary option broker Optionyard yet. Read more...
Read the review of the binary options broker Optionyard
Visit the website of Optionyard


Financial markets are highly competitive, and the competition can be cutthroat. Whereas binary options are an attractive financial product for professional traders, they have not always been profitable for binary options brokers. Added to this is a tough regulatory climate spurred on by an aggressive lobby from large investment banks, trying to limit access to binary options for retail traders. As a consequence, many binary options brokers haven't survived. This has harmed the options available to consumers.

Below is a list of binary options brokers that we have previously mentioned on this website, but that are no longer in operation. If you receive communications from someone claiming to represent any of these brokers, it is probably a scam. When trading as a professional, we recommend that you stick to one of the established brokers mentioned above.


Former binary options brokers that no longer exist

Broker Review Actions
Binary options broker
Very good is a very good broker with high returns and great attention to education. Read more ...
Read the review of the binary options broker
Binary options broker optionfair
OptionFair is a relatively new binary options broker. The low minimum deposit and the simple software make this broker ideally suited for beginners. Read the whole review...
Read the review of the binary options broker optionFair
Binary options broker NRG Binary
NRG Binary
more than satisfactory
NRG Binary is a decent private banking and binary options broker, with a unique social trading feature. Read more...
Read the review of the binary options broker NRG Binary
Binary options broker OptionRally
OptionRally is an international option broker with user-friendly software. This is of particular interest to the Islamic and Middle East market. Read the whole review...
Read the review of OptionRally
Binary options broker zoneoptions
ZoneOptions was once one of the first and most intuitive binary option brokers. Unfortunately, in recent years, this broker has gotten less innovative and must now lose out to the competition. Read the whole review...
Read the review of the binary options broker ZoneOptions
Anyoption binary options broker
Anyoption is one of the oldest binary options brokers, but has not accepted any new customers since 28 June 2017. Read the whole review...
Read the review of the binary options broker Anyoption
Binary options broker Banc de binary
Banc de Binary
Very good
Banc de Binary was the largest binary options broker from 2009-2016, but no longer exists. Read the whole review...
Read the review of the binary options broker Banc de Binary
Binary options broker Stockpair
Very good
Stockpair was an innovative binary options broker with a unique product offering and free trading signals. Unfortunately this broker is no londer active. Read more ...
Read the review of the binary options broker Stockpair
Binary options broker iOption
No rating
Broker iOption no longer exists. On November 10 2013, this binary option broker went bankrupt. Read more...
Read the review of the binary options broker iOption


Other binary options brokers


We have included in the list above the best-known binary options brokers. In doing so, we have tested and reviewed the best binary option brokers for different target groups. Do you know a good binary option broker for which you'd like to see a review? Please let us know by using the contact form. If there is sufficient interest, we will test and compare the broker with the other binary option brokers and add it to our list.

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