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Free binary options tools

binary options tools

To trade binary options succesfully it is useful to have a number of tools at your disposal. With these trading tools you can better analyse the market, improve your understanding of why underlying assets (stocks, currencies, commodities, indices) move in a certain direction, and ultimately make better trading decisions. Using these tools you will make more money with binary options trading.

Here at BinXC we consider the free tools below essential for every serious binary options trader. Add this page to your browser's favourites, so that you can access them at any time.

binary options economic calendar

One of the most powerful binary options trading strategies is trading the news, also called fundamental analysis trading. For fundamental traders, the most important trading tool is the binary options economic calendar. The calendar shows when there will be important macroeconomic news that may affect asset prices. And if you can predict in which direction asset prices are going to move, you can make a good profit with your binary options.

binaire opties woordenboek

In the world of binary options trading you will encounter many unfamiliar words and terminology that is not normally used in everyday parlance. Most are English words and are also used in ordinary option trading. In this binary options glossary, you can find the meaning of most words and concepts from the world of (binary) options.

binary options currency converter

One of the most traded types of binary options are options on currencies (also called 'forex'). Binary options on currencies are available day and night, and offer attractive opportunities for profit when the rest of the economy fails. If you trade in these options, it is useful to always have a currency converter at hand.

free real time price charts for binary options

To become successful in binary options trading, you should be able to predict what the price of the underlying asset (a stock, index, commodity or foreign currency) is going to do: will it go up or down? There are several ways to predict this. One of them is by studying the price chart of the underlying asset. This is called technical analysis analysis. With this real time price chart for binary options, you can easily perform technical analysis yourself.

binary options links

On BinXC, The Binary Exchange you can find a large amount of information about binary options; everything you need to make money with binary option trading. Yet we are aware that there are various other websites that offer additional information. That is why we have created this page with a list of binary options links. You can find binary option brokers sites with investment tips, sites with more articles about binary options, and other sites that make life a bit more enjoyable.

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Are you already making a profit on the options market? You can earn a lot of money in a short time with binary options. And it is not difficult if you are willing to put in a little effort.

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Novice traders can also take advantage of the free e-books and webinars on the website, which will help you to improve your trading.

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