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This broker is closed for tradingThe broker reviewed on this page has unfortunately ceased to offer its services. In the highly competitive market for binary options and other financial trading products, many brokers have not managed to survive. We have left this original broker review online for future reference, but its contents should no longer be considered accurate.

If you are looking for a good binary options broker, please take a look at our page with broker reviews. An excellent broker that is tightly regulated and offers a professional trading experience is



Please be aware that there are scammers active, pretending to represent the broker reviewed below. If someone approaches you claiming to represent this broker, or if a website looks like it belongs to this broker, be aware that the real broker is no longer operational and exercise extreme caution. Only deposit money and trade with regulated brokers.



Banc de Binary is the largest professional binary options broker and has been in existence since 2009. It has positioned itself as a 'private options banker', and focuses on the serious option trader. In this review, we take a look at the details of this binary options broker.

Binary options offer

At Banc de Binary, you can trade in a wide range of binary options. There are options on about 40 international stocks, the 12 most traded currency pairs (forex), 8 different raw materials (commodities) and 20 major stock market indices. In total, there are 80 underlying assets on which this binary options can be purchased, which is more than many other brokers. Unfortunately there are few Australian and New Zealand stocks available to buy options on.

These underlying assets of Banc de Binary offer two types of binary options: high/low options and one touch options ('touch/no touch'). In addition, there are a select number of 'pair options' on stocks for sale, where the aim is to predict whether one stock is performing better or worse than a competitor (e.g. Google VS Apple).

Risk and return

The return that you can get at Banc de Binary on your options is very good. On normal options, the return can get as high as 91%, which is slightly higher than the market average. There are also options with lower yields, from 65%. You should generally avoid returns under 80%.

An exception are the binary options where you get part of your investment back if you option end up 'out of the money'. (This is called a 'safeguard' by Banc de Binary.) If you buy an option with a safeguard, your risk is much lower. You can also accept a lower return in that case.

In addition to normal binary options, you can also trade in 'one touch options' at BdB. In doing so, the aim is to answer the question whether the price of an asset will hit a certain value before the end of the term or not. On these options, you can get a return of up to 500%, but the success rate is lower.

The trading platforms

Banc de Binary has a completely web-based trading platform, as is now the standard in the binary options market. The basic platform is called 'Digital Options Pro', and provides an attractive and intuitive interface.

The Digital Options Pro platform allows you to easily follow the direction of different underlying assets, and instantly give buy or sell orders. The good thing is that you can set the display in different ways. You can monitor more or fewer assets at once, with or without a price chart. You can set the length of the chart (from 30 minutes to 12 hours). That gives you the ultimate flexibility to get exactly the information you need for your own option trading strategy.

Banc de Binary trading platform review

Within the trading platform, there are two separate sections for very short or very long maturities. With 'sixty seconds options', you can act on the performance of a value within 60 (or even 30) seconds (also called 'scalping'). With 'long term options', you can actually make long term trades of up to a year in the future.

In addition to the Web version, Banc de Binary also has a mobile app for iPhone and for Android. It lets you monitor your trades on the go anytime you want. We believe that the broker under review (Banc de Binary) scores very well on its software.

Minimum deposit size, position and bonus

Banc de Binary focuses mainly on the serious business trader. This is evident in the professional look of this broker, but also in the broker's minimum deposit amount. A standard account can only be opened with an initial deposit of 2,500 dollar or more (your money is free for withdrawal at any time). Fortunately Banc de Binary also offers the possibility to open a micro-account with a 250 dollar minimum deposit. A micro-account has the same capabilities as a normal account. The only thing is you will get no 100% bonus on top of your first deposit (for all account types from 'standard' upwards).

It gets really interesting if you want to open an account for more than 5,000 dollar. In that case, Banc de Binary will designate a personal broker to you, whom you can reach directly by phone, email or chat. Your personal broker will assist you in managing your positions, setting up successful trading strategies and controlling your risk. And for the really wealthy traders, there is the 'VIP' Lions Club Account (from AUD 50,000), with many luxury benefits.

Interestingly, at Banc de Binary it is possible to trade all options from 1 pound investment. So you need a sizeable capital to open an account, but once opened, you can create your positions as small as you want. The maximum position size of an option is 3,000 dollar (unless you have a VIP account).

New customers at Banc de Binary receive 100% bonus on top of their first deposit (not applicable to a micro account). This is very appealing, especially if you want to open an account of over 5,000 dollar. Open your account now and get 100% bonus on your first deposit!

Learn to trade binary options

Unlike most other binary options brokers, Banc de Binary pays a lot of attention to training you in options trading. Firstly, it does so by offering a number of informative articles on the website. With these articles, you will learn the basics of trading, some simple binary option trading tactics, risk management and the use of technical analysis and fundamental analysis. The articles are not very deep, but it's worth reading them at least once.

Secondly, Banc de Binary offer free training videos, a free e-book about binary options, and a free audio book. These materials are developed in collaboration with Abe Cofnas, one of the most prominent analysts in the field of binary options trading. With these extras you have an advantage in the market.

Conclusion of this broker review

Banc de Binary binary options broker review logo

One thing is clear: for professional binary option traders there is really no other choice than Banc de Binary. The combination of the professional approach, comprehensive software, and excellent customer service puts this broker ahead of the competition. Furthermore, the strict FSA Regulation (which only the Banc de Binary has) ensures the safety of your funds.

For individuals who trade binary options as a hobby or to make some extra money, the minimum investment of $2,500 for a standard account ($250 for a micro account) may be too high a threshold. Nevertheless, this broker is worth considering for non-professionals as well. With a free demo account you can try out Banc de Binary without any obligation or risk. Altogether this binary options broker gets a rating very good from us (4.5 / 5 stars).

Would you like to try binary option broker Banc de Binary? If you open an account through this link, you get 100% bonus on top of your first deposit. That makes trading binary options even more lucrative!

Banc de Binary options broker review summary:

Rating very good
Minimum/maximum position size $1 / $3,000
Maturity of options Up to 24 hours
Binary options on shares, stock market indices, forex and commodities
Software platforms Standard / BinaryMETA / Option Builder (all web-based)
Minimum first deposit $250 (micro-account) / $2,500 (standard account)
Payment options Mastercard VISA Moneybookers & Bank transfer
Regulated British FSA (#596375)
Bonus 100% on top of your first deposit

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