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This broker is closed for tradingThe broker reviewed on this page has unfortunately ceased to offer its services. In the highly competitive market for binary options and other financial trading products, many brokers have not managed to survive. We have left this original broker review online for future reference, but its contents should no longer be considered accurate.

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Please be aware that there are scammers active, pretending to represent the broker reviewed below. If someone approaches you claiming to represent this broker, or if a website looks like it belongs to this broker, be aware that the real broker is no longer operational and exercise extreme caution. Only deposit money and trade with regulated brokers.



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Stockpair is a unique binary options brokers that does many things different from its competitors. Whether this is a good thing or not, and whether this will help you make more money with binary options trading, you can read in this review. In this Stockpair review, we explore Stockpair's offering, its strengths, and its weaknesses.

Binary options available

At Stockpair you can trade binary options on approximately 50 underlying assets. As you would expect, you will find stocks, indices, commodities and foreign currencies. Where most binary options brokers only offer options on international financial products, Stockpair also offers some binary options on British equities (e.g. TSB, Tesco, British Airways).

Of the normal binary option types Stockpair offer only 'up/down' options. That is, as far as we are concerned, somewhat limited.

On the other hand, Stockpair also offers a unique product that you cannot get at any other broker: pair options. If you buy pair options, you speculate on the performance of a stock or index relative to another stock or index. The question then is not whether a stock is going to rise or fall, but whether it will increase more (or will fall less) than another share.

The shares that you can lay against each other are mostly companies in the same market. For Example: Microsoft VS Apple; BP VS Shell; ING VS Aegon. This will give you the opportunity to earn money from your prediction of which company is best in a particular market.

Return and risk

The return on the binary options of Stockpair is typically between 70%-86%. For the shortest-term options, we believe the returns are on the low side. But from a duration of 60 minutes we see returns that are over 80%, which is good.

There are two very noticeable things about the returns of Stockpair. Firstly, the returns are not symmetrical. At other, brokers it is normally the case that for a higher/lower option the return for 'higher' is the same as the return for 'lower'. The thought behind it is that it is a 50/50 chance from the broker's point of view if the underlying asset will go up or down.

Stockpair, however, offers binary options of which the return on 'higher' is for example 83%, while the return on 'lower' is only 76%. This is interesting for us as traders, and thus we come to the second interesting fact. For some options the returns are very far apart, for example, the returns on higher can be 279% whilst only 7% on lower. This gives us such an attractive return on one side of the trade, that it becomes extremely attractive to buy these options. This is something that we have not seen at any other broker.

The trading platform

Trading at Stockpair is done through a simple web-based platform. You can only view one option at a time and cannot filter easily in the product range. Once you have selected a product, however, the software becomes very easy to use. You simply set the duration of your option, the direction, and the amount that you want to risk.

A strong point is that you can also perform technical analysis within the trading software. With that you draw your own trend lines and support- and resistance levels in the chart, as well as a number of the most common indicators. With that you can make better decisions on whether or not you want to buy an option. This immediately makes the software more useful.

StockPair review of some options with asymmetric returns

On its website, Stockpair also announces that there will be a mobile platform coming soon. However, we have not yet gotten the opportunity to have a look. UPDATE: Stockpair released a special app for the iPhone, with which you can trade on the go. Unfortunately, there is no app for Android.

Long, longer, longest

Another unique feature of Stockpair is that you can trade in long term options. And we don’t mean a week, which is already a long time for most other brokers. Stockpair offers binary options with a duration from 5 minutes up to 150 days(!)

Those long-term options enable a couple of possibilities that are not possible when trading in short term options:

  • You can buy options based on your long-term market expectations. This allows you to make a more informed prediction about the the future price.
  • You can reduce the risk of other financial positions that you want to cover ('hedging').
  • You can see returns of more than 100% on an outcome that is relatively likely to happen.

Minimum deposit, position size and bonus

At Stockpair you can already open an account with just 200 pounds (or $200, if you have a USD account). This is slightly less than the market average.

The minimum position size is GBP 20 (or USD 20), which is also good compared to other brokers. This makes Stockpair easily accessible as a binary options broker for smaller investors.

Unfortunately Stockpair does not have an attractive welcome bonus for new customers. We did, however, negotiate a unique offer for the readers of BinXC. If you open an account with Stockpair and your first deposit is at least 1,000 pounds, you will get free access to professional trading signals by Faunus Analytics. Read here on how you can take advantage of this offer.

Conclusion of this broker review

Stockpair is unique in the binary options market. On the one hand, its 'normal' product range is rather limited. On the other hand, this binary options broker offers some unique products that create very attractive profit opportunities: pair options, asymmetrical returns, and long-term binary options. Furthermore, the software has advanced technical analysis functionalities, and you can gain access to free trading signals. Altogether this brings us to a rating very good (4.5/5 stars).

Would you like to try trading with binary option broker Stockpair for yourself? You can directly open an open an account here. With it you can explore all the features of the software, without having to deposit money first. Or you can, of course, explore Stockpair's website first.

Stockpair binary options broker review summary:

Rating: Very good (4,5/5)
Min./max. position size: GBP 20 / GBP 6,000
Term of options: 5 minutes to 150 days
Binary options on: stocks, market indices, forex and commodities. Also 'pair options'.
Software platform: Web-based trading (View here)
Minimum first deposit: GBP 200
Payment options: iDeal Mastercard VISA Moneybookers & Bank
Bonus: No (though Free trading signals)

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